Why Not Eliminate All Beliefs?

I am often asked, “Why not just eliminate all your beliefs? Isn’t that the point of enlightenment?”

It is possible to eliminate all of your beliefs with The BeliefCloset Process. It would take some time, because you have accumulated tens of thousands of beliefs in your lifetime.

Consider language, for example:  the word “cat” is actually a belief.  It categorizes (no pun intended) animals into two groups: “cats” and “not-cats.”  This is a useful distinction, especially if you own pets or if you feed animals at the zoo.

If you eliminate all the beliefs you have ever accumulated, you would be fully awake, present, and have no language with which to communicate.  You would not be able to feed or clothe yourself because the entire universe would be open and undifferentiated. You would be considered an enlightened spiritual master, but like the famous Ramana Maharshi, you would need others to take care of your bodily needs.

Beliefs are tools that we use to construct our experience of the world. If you’re building a house, you don’t need to carry around tools used to make shoes.  On the other hand, it’s handy to have available the tools you need to saw and nail wood, wire electricity, and plumb pipes.

If you want to be effective and powerful in the world, it would be useful to hold beliefs about yourself that create the experience of effectiveness and empowerment.

Beliefs are the alphabet we use to construct the language of experience. What kind of experiences do you want to have? When you decide that, you can create the beliefs that will create those experiences.    What kind of experiences do you prefer not to have? When you decide that, you can dis-create the beliefs that cause those unpleasant experiences to occur.

Most of our beliefs are transparent to us. They operate in the background, painting a picture of the world in front of our eyes that are based on those beliefs.  Like looking through colored lenses, we soon forget we’re looking through a filter.  That’s just how the world looks.

The BeliefCloset Process brings what was formerly unconscious up to the conscious level so you can examine your beliefs, see what experience they’re creating, and decide for yourself whether you want to keep them or let them go.  This is true empowerment.

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