Certified BeliefCloset Practitioners have been trained to provide you with guidance as you explore your inner landscape of beliefs.  Each one has been trained as a life coach, counselor, healer or therapist.  Certified BeliefCloset Practitioners have been personally trained and screened by Lion Goodman. They are qualified to help you to clear negative and limiting beliefs that have held you back from expressing your full magnificence. When you clear your past, you can create new, empowering beliefs that will help you create the life of your dreams.

BeliefCloset Practitioners work with you by phone (or in person).  Each has their own fee structure. Please interview them for compatibility with your needs and choose the Practitioner who is best suited to your needs.  Practitioners are independent agents.  They are not employees of or Lion Goodman.  They are listed here for your information only. Your reaching out to contact them constitutes your understanding that you are taking full responsibility for your choice and the results of that choice.

Lion Goodman – Creator of The BeliefCloset Process

415.472.6500, San Rafael, California,,

Specialty: Founder and Creator of The BeliefCloset Process, Lion works with coaches, therapists, senior executives, and entrepreneurs to expand their perspectives, awaken infinite possibilities, and ensure success in their endeavors. He is a trained True Purpose Coach and utilizes a wide variety of methodologies to empower individuals to shine their greatest light into the world.

Dawn Weaver

919-812-2831; Clayton, NC;

Specialty: Dawn is an expert in the use of the BeliefCloset Process with both adults and children.  She is the Training Manager for BeliefCloset programs.  Dawn works with people who feel lost, or stuck, in moving forward toward their goals and the manifestation of their greatest life purpose.   She helps her clients find the core beliefs that are stopping their forward movement, and clearing them, one-by-one, until the path is open.

Virginia McKinnie

610-585-1441, Malvern, Pennsylvania,

Specialty: Virginia works with those who are stuck in their creative expression, or want to use writing as a tool for accessing their unconscious.  Creative blocks permeate all aspects of life, and arise from deep wounds and old beliefs.  Clearing beliefs opens up the channel for creative expression.

Claire Sierra

541-659-7284, Grants Pass, Oregon,,,

Specialty: Claire guides those who yearn for true purpose to Divine connection, hope and clarity.  Claire is an Art Therapist and True Purpose Coach.

Hardy Hasenfuss

603-763-9770, New London, New Hampshire,

Specialty: Hardy works exclusively with business owners and partners in privately-held businesses who want to create harmony and wealth by eliminating conflicts in values, priorities, and goals. He helps partners eliminate beliefs and practices that get in the way, preventing partners from communicating clearly and working together with open hearts.

Howard Sambol

415-462-6692, San Rafael, California,,

Specialty: Howard is a career transition specialist, working with those seeking to optimize their personal development and growth. Founder of Career Crafting and Breakthrough Coaching, Howard helps individuals align their life purpose and values with their work and career.  He teaches Relationship Mastery Selling and other personal development courses.  The BeliefCloset Process is one component of a soon-to-be-released personal mastery course, Upgrading Your Human Operating System.

Maria Garcia

610-933-3435, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania,

Specialty: Maria works with people who want to make sustained positive shifts in their personal lives and relationships, gain clarity about their life purpose, and want to shift from work &career to Right Livelihood. Her clients experience a sense of clarity, openness and freedom, and an increase in enthusiasm for life.  She says “The BeliefCloset Process is the best tool I’ve found for permanently discreating destructive and limiting beliefs and replacing them with ones that empower and support creativity and healing.”

Beth Scanzani

781-248-9877, Boston, Massachusetts,

Specialty: With a background in human resources and organizational development, Beth helps her clients live authentic, meaningful, balanced and joyful lives and actualize their life dreams. She is a a trained True Purpose Coach, and combines that practice with the BeliefCloset Process, dream work, metaphysics, and organizational psychology. She works with both individuals and organizations.

Tom Rausch

614.787.6826, Columbus, Ohio,

Specialty: Helping leaders who yearn to make a bigger difference play the bigger game they were meant to play. There is a need for transformed leaders to show the way and ensure the new world’s fragile emergence. Transforming yourself is the first step. Then, transform your organization, your community and the world. Bring your greatest gifts to the world by eliminating whatever is holding you back from expressing your deepest values and highest purpose.

Dave Wali Waugh, RPC

604.739.6053, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Specialty: Dave is a Registered Professional Counselor and Mentor. He helps professionals who want a meaningful and prosperous life, and know they need more clarity about their direction. For many otherwise successful people, there are also wounds that must be healed from the past. Once healing occurs, success comes much more easily.

Geri England

(972) 899-1750, Coppell, Texas,,

Specialty: Geri is an organization development consultant and founder of The Vital Ventures  Group.  She helps professionals, coaches, corporate leaders and socially conscious business owners improve their leadership skills, teamwork, performance and business results and enhance their career growth. Geri inspires her clients to discover what they love to do so they can make a bigger difference in the world.

Walter Rieger

(909) 910-1020; Los Angeles, CA;

Specialty: Walter’s heart is in coaching Christians of all traditions on three levels: growth, maturity, and spirituality.  The result is increased connection with one’s purpose, with mankind, and with the Divine. As an Eastern Orthodox Christian, he believes in the mystical potential of mankind.  As a Certified Life Coach, he has many tools for facilitating transformation. As a Certified Belief Closet Practitioner, he has a foundational repair tool that works to remove the limiting beliefs you grew up with, whatever they may be. He enjoys helping men and women wake up to the potential that is already inside them. Once awakened, you can let your heart and soul shine out into the universe, giving and receiving blessings.

Krista Hearty

605-715-4903, Perth, Ontario, Canada,


Stan Karp

(650) 787-2631, San Carlos, California,,

Specialty: Executives and leaders of companies and teams, especially in technology organizations. 30 years experience at Apple Computer in Silicon Valley as a technology development manager. Specializing in aligning individuals with their own sense of joy.

Sherri Pula

(705) 741-5447, Ontario, Canada.
(705) 741-5447

Susan Seiffert

Contact Lion Goodman if you would like to be included in this list of Certified BeliefCloset Practitioners.