Links to other websites, articles, and products aligned with The BeliefCloset Process:

  • Everyday Awakening: Lion Goodman’s coaching site, with an abundance of articles, practices, and information.
  • Sacred Centers: Lion is a teacher in Sacred Centers’ Coaching Certification Program. Advanced training is offered in coaching methodologies, including The BeliefCloset Process, the Process of Manifestation, Body Wisdom, Voice Dialogue, and other methodologies. Workshops and teleclasses are offered throughout the year.
  • Beyond Belief: A good video introduction to the concept of beliefs and belief change. Focused mostly on NLP and hypnosis as techniques for changing beliefs.
  • True Purpose Community: If you’re interested in knowing your specific life purpose, this is the place to start. Lion Goodman is a trained True Purpose Coach.
  • Manifestation Workshop: Creation is Ecstasy! is a week-long workshop on the process of manifestation. Lion teaches with his partner, Anodea Judith, around the U.S. and Canada. Learn the step-by-step methodologies for bringing any dream into reality. Includes basic training in the BeliefCloset Process.
  • My Humor Page: I love to laugh. This is a collection of some of the things that make me laugh. Since enlightenment is about “lightening up,” I hope you enjoy them, too.