Contribute to the BCP

The BeliefCloset Process is a work in progress. It will continue to grow, change, and expand.  It will never be “written in stone.”

Many people have already contributed their good ideas to the creative genius of the BeliefCloset Process, and the process itself is a result of many teachers, ideas, points of view, philosophies, writings, and workshops.

Your contributions are also welcomed.  Here are a few ways to contribute:

  1. IDEAS FOR THE PROCESS: If you have ideas on how to make the process work better, flow better, or become more effective, please write to me:  I will read your email carefully, although it may take a number of weeks before I’m able to acknowledge or respond to it.  I can’t promise to incorporate your ideas into the Process, but I promise to consider it carefully.
  2. IDEAS FOR THE WEBSITE: I will continue to upgrade the website over time.  I’ll be adding a Forum for users of the Process, for example.  Please send your website ideas (and especially corrections, broken links, etc.) to
  3. PLACES TO TEACH OR SHARE THE PROCESS: I am willing to travel by car within Northern California at no cost to present the BeliefCloset Process to any audience.  If you have an audience outside Northern California, I am happy to make presentations on an expenses-paid basis.  In-person trainings are also available.  Write to me:
  4. MAKING A FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION: If you found the BeliefCloset Process to be useful in your own growth, please let us know.  This is our fondest hope: that the Process becomes widely used to help people free themselves from their limitations and their past, opening new possibilities for their future.  If you would like to make a contribution toward spreading this technology widely, especially to schools, prisons, hospitals, hospices, eldercare facilities, etc., send financial contributions to: Lion Goodman, 400 Upper Road, San Rafael, CA 94903.  If you’d like to use a credit card, call me with the information: 415.472.6500.  (As soon as our shopping cart is up and running, there will be a way to do this automatically.)   Contributions are NOT tax deductible. is a profit-making venture, not a non-profit organization. However, we promise to use your contributions to spread this work to under-served populations.
  5. BECOMING A TEACHER OF THE PROCESS: If you would like to become a teacher of the BeliefCloset Process, begin by signing up for the 5-part Practitioner Training.  Then, become a Certified Practitioner.  I will select Certified Practitioners to become Trainers as the organization grows.
  6. USING THE PROCESS ON YOUR OWN: I purposely made the process simple and elegant to learn and practice on your own — to change your own beliefs and to change your own life.   If you want to guide other people through the process, I highly recommend taking either the 2-part Introductory Training or the 5-Part Practitioner’s Training.  (Both are listed under the EVENTS tab.)   Feel free to experiment on your own, but if you do, take full responsibility for the results.  This is a life-changing process, so please use it with the utmost in care, kindness, love, and consideration.
  7. OTHER SUGGESTIONS: Please write me if you have any other suggestions, ideas, comments, or feedback.  Write: