Is “Too much abundance!” Possible?

For decades, I wanted “more.” More stuff. More money. More clients. More friends. More love. More attention.  This egotistical desire served me well.  I got a lot of everything, and in many cases, more than I could handle! The hunger for “more” seems to be insatiable.

There’s nothing wrong with ego desires – they move us forward in life – but as we mature (hopefully), we outgrow them.  As I aligned with my True Self, and discovered my soul’s purpose, my desire-body turned toward the longing for more opportunities to give my gifts to the world – through coaching, teaching, and writing.

When I discovered the tools of manifestation, I put them to use to create the life I wanted. In each step forward, I cleared my beliefs. I walked my talk.  And now… I have an abundance of clients, a plentiful supply of students for my courses, an ideal, growing relationship with my partner, and a flow of financial abundance.

It wasn’t an instant process. There are teachers who promise instant manifestation, but if something is too good to be true, it probably is.  Real abundance takes deep inner study and steady physical effort sustained over a long period of time.  Bringing your dream into reality doesn’t happen overnight. To build a cathedral, it used to take many generations.  Today, with modern technology, it still takes more than a year. Anything great takes time and effort to create.

In the personal realm of thought and imagination (your “inner-verse”), instant manifestation is actually possible. Huge inspiring visions can be created in just a moment, but that’s just the first step in a long journey.  You have to wrestle a good idea down to the ground, condensing it and shaping it to reality, which is precise and unforgiving.  The BeliefCloset Process works within this realm, so you can actually eliminate an old negative belief permanently, and virtually instantly.  When you make that kind of change, it echoes out into the rest of your life.

Your inner-verse exists within a larger universe, the “social-verse,” the realm of you and me.  In the “we” world of relationships, creation doesn’t happen by thought, intention, or inspiration alone. It happens through social conventions and interactions, through the media of communication, negotiation, and exchange.

For example, I can envision a perfect sculpture in my mind, with exquisite detail and elegant design. But in order to bring it into the real world, I need to buy a block of marble from the quarry. I have to talk with people about my needs. I have to enroll others in its creation.  I purchase a block of marble for money, a medium of exchange in the social universe.

The social-verse rests inside the physical Universe, where the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology hold sway.  I can’t create matter, but I can use what’s already been created.  Social niceties don’t matter to a block of stone. To create in the physical universe, I have to truck it to my studio, and begin to shape it by cutting, joining, and decorating it. I use physical muscles, energy, and tools to bring the mental image in my mind into manifestation.

These are some of the principles we describe in our new book, Creating On Purpose, published by Sounds True.  The subtitle is “The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras.” My co-author, Anodea Judith, is the world’s leading expert on the chakra system.  Using the principles of manifestation through the chakras, we created a workshop, taught it around the world, and wrote a book. We brought our vision down to earth, from inspiration to physical form.  If you want to create something new in your life, this guidebook will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

There is another important, yet little-known, principle of the mind that is so important, it should be taught to every student in every school in the world. This is it: Whenever you attempt to create something new, old beliefs get stimulated, and they begin to re-assert themselves.  As soon as you say, “I can…,” an old belief pops up: “You can’t…”

Why is it important to understand this principle of Mind?  Because internal voices of doubt and resistance stop more people from creating their dream than any external block, barrier or limitation.

When you recognize that these voices are just automata – essentially, machine parts – you can treat them as merely old beliefs.  They’re no longer authoritative source of wisdom.  You can acknowledge their presence without buying into their negative message.

If you come up with a great idea for making money, or for saving the planet, or for serving other people, a bevy of internal voices jump up and tell you why it’s a bad idea.  “No one will like it. They’ll reject you. It’s a bad economy. Nobody will pay for it. You’ll starve. Wouldn’t it be better if you just laid back, watched TV, and ate some chocolate cake?”

Once you see the messages as automatic re-assertions of old beliefs, you can remove them, one by one, and clear them out of your path.  I developed the BeliefCloset Process to do just that – to remove old, limiting, and interfering beliefs.  Once they’ve been eliminated, they’re gone from consciousness.  Your path has been cleared.  You can take the next step forward – easily. Then, other beliefs crop up, but you simply bring out the right tool to clear them. You keep taking steps forward.  Nothing can stop you from creating your dream.

Many clients and students have called The BeliefCloset Process a “magic wand”.  I’ve taught it to more than 400 coaches, therapists, and healers around the world during the past ten years.

You can learn this powerful technique for permanent belief change. If you’re ready to dive deeply into your own belief structure, clear your mind of leftover detritus from the past, and zoom ahead on your road to manifesting the life of your dreams, (and help others do the same), join me for the BeliefCloset Practitioner Training. It starts October 25th.

In just 5 weeks, you’ll get 20+ hours of in-depth training, and gain the skill of helping yourself and others clear negative and limiting beliefs out of the way – permanently.  Information about the course is here.  (CCEU credits are available through International Coach Federation.)

Thanks for reading my blog. If you’re interested in learning more, here are additional resources that may serve you:

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My partner, Carista Luminare, was interviewed on the Hoffman Institute Radio Show about our relationship training, “Confused About Love?”  The interview can be heard here.  Our 5-week teleseminar at En*theos Academy is going great. You can still register and take the class via recordings.  Visit

145 people joined me for my Shift Network program, The Belief Closet Cleanout.  We had reports of deep healing of old negative beliefs and their annoying manifestations. Students cleared beliefs in the realms of money, relationship, health, and more. You can purchase a download of the entire 7-week program here.

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The principles of manifestation work!

Now… where’s the valve I can turn to slow the flow?  I could use some rest!

I send my best wishes for your abundant life. May happiness become your constant companion.

~ Lion

My new book, Creating On Purpose, is getting rave reviews.  Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money, wrote: “Creating on Purpose is a brilliant piece of work by two brilliant teachers. Their clarity and insight will open your life up to a new level of freedom and flow. Buy, read, and immerse yourself in this book, and your life will soar!” Read more reviews and purchase the book at (or Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore).

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