How the BeliefCloset Process Will Transform Your Beliefs

You’ve already mastered the art of creating your own reality. Everything in your life – from your feelings to your experiences to your circumstances – has been created by you.   The problem is this: Most of it was created by your subconscious beliefs – rather than your conscious, deliberate choice.

Do our beliefs really create our reality?

If you want to transform your life and change your reality, first study the principles (tools, mechanisms and processes) that create your reality.

If you want more clients, or want to accomplish specific goals, or want to make a bigger impact, or create a better life for yourself and your family, first change your beliefs.

It is a commonly held truism that our beliefs create our reality, but few people understand how – or why – this occurs.  There are many belief-changing technologies around, but most don’t work, or they work only temporarily.

The BeliefCloset Process is a practical, step-by-step procedure you can use to change your life, transform your reality, and improve your world. Changing your reality doesn’t happen with a magic wand, but by using a methodical, step-by-step procedure.

The BeliefCloset Process is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use process for shifting your deepest belief structures the ones that developed during your first years of life, then got buried in your subconscious mind.

For 35 years, I’ve studied psychology, self-development, success principles, and dozens of techniques for consciousness change.  Everything pointed to beliefs as fundamental to the way we construct our reality.  A complete explanation is not possible here, but it’s included as part of the BeliefCloset Practitioner Training.

Here is a condensed version of the principles involved:

Beliefs can be said to operate like tiny experience-creating robots. Each belief is designed to create a particular experience – a thought, feeling, sensation, or strategy for survival.  Once a belief is installed and set in motion, it continues to create the particular experience it was originally intended to produce.

For example:  if a person holds the belief, There’s something wrong with me, a specific feeling – shame – is produced.  As long as that belief exists in the mind (either consciously or subconsciously), the feeling of shame is generated constantly, usually at a low, background level.  This is why we struggle with feelings that keep re-occurring, or reactions that are out of proportion to the circumstances.

When feelings just show up for no apparent reason, something is going on in the background of our consciousness.   Old beliefs get easily stimulated, and re-create the experience they were originally designed to create.

Whatever your personal issues – old habits, addictions, procrastination, bad relationships, lack of success, extra weight – you can be sure that there are old beliefs still operating. Would you like to clear up the mysterious forces that cause problems in your life?  Would you like to free yourself from the influences of your past and live more deliberately?  Then simply eliminate your old beliefs.

The unfortunate fact is this: Beliefs don’t self-destruct when their job is done. They continue to create the same experience – even though we don’t need them anymore.  We acquire new beliefs throughout our lives. But they don’t replace the old ones.  They get added to the large pile of old beliefs accumulated during our lifetime.

Beliefs can be compared to the clothes we wear. Every day, you decide what outfit will fit your activities and make you feel good.  Imagine what your closet would look like if you had kept every item of clothing you had ever worn – from your earliest diapers and baby clothes to your current business outfits and your most outrageous Halloween costumes.  You would end up with quite a crowded mess in your closet!

This is the situation in your BeliefCloset. The beliefs you’ve been accumulating since childhood are still lying around, taking up psychic space. Your BeliefCloset is overrun with old beliefs: habits, attitudes, feelings, projections, masks, personality characteristics, and experiences that once served you, but no longer fit who you are.

It’s time to get rid of your old, tattered, and ill-fitting beliefs! After you discard them, you’ll feel a sense of glorious spaciousness.  Yes, they’re really gone.  You’ll then have room to create new, empowering belief-outfits that feel good on you, that create the experiences you prefer, and provide you with the confidence, ease, happiness and love you want in your life.

The BeliefCloset Process allows you to discard – permanently – your old beliefs.  You then discover the real Secret: you are the Creator of your own experience. The light of your creative power will shine more brightly.  Open the door to your BeliefCloset. Begin the process of eliminating your old  beliefs.  It’s now as easy as discarding old clothes.

The Belief Closet Process is an enjoyable journey into your inner world. You’ll be guided by the free Audio Guide or by a trained BeliefCloset Practitioner.  You will learn how to eliminate (dis-create) the beliefs that have held you back, or interfered with your ability to create the life you want.  Your True Self will shine more brightly. You’ll become more deliberate in creating what you want in your life.

Affirmations are positive beliefs, and they are supposed to create new habits of thought and a more positive inner and outer experience.  They should work, but they don’t. When you lay new, improved beliefs on top of old beliefs that are still operating, it’s like putting whipped cream on top of moldy food. It tastes a little better, but it doesn’t change the underlying reality. For an affirmation to work, you must first discreate the old beliefs that created the old reality. Once you do that, an affirmation has the possibility of creating something new, without interference.

The BeliefCloset Process is the master key for creating change in your life, and then in the lives of others. It  will multiply the effectiveness of other methods and processes you currently use.  If you’re a coach, therapist, or provide transformation to your clients, The BeliefCloset Process will help you open the locked doors of the psyche and allow transformation to occur – simply, easily, instantly, and permanently.

The BeliefCloset Process is a dynamic combination of a catalyst (speeding up the processes you already use) and a lubricant (eliminating internal resistance), making you more effective as a helping professional. When old beliefs are operating, the mind is clogged and crowded.  It’s difficult to gain new insights or change behavior. The BeliefCloset Process has been called “mental floss” because it eliminates psychic plaque that has accumulated over years, freeing the psyche to make real change at the deepest level.

If you are a therapist, coach, or counselor, this tool will help you facilitate instant change in your clients. It is singularly the most powerful empowerment tool for personal growth we know. Here’s a letter from a psychotherapist who became a BeliefCloset Practitioner:

I have been working with the BeliefCloset Process for more than two  years. It has been exceedingly helpful to me on my internal journey, and is now one of the tools I reach for most frequently in my psychotherapy practice.  Through the use of an elegant metaphor, the exercise efficiently leads to discovery, insight, and change, often with an element of lyricism and poignancy. These explorations are both gentle and profound. I have found rich material for reflection in the endlessly imaginative outfits to be found in the BeliefCloset, which shift over the course of the healing process. The metaphor comes to life, and the beauty of life manifests in the real world for my clients.  I am grateful to Lion for creating The BeliefCloset Process. I will continue to work with it  both in my practice and in my own personal growth. – Martha Bear, Psychotherapist, Certified Belief Closet Practitioner

Get a Belief Make-over!  Try the BeliefCloset Process now. I promise it will be one of the most surprising and potent hours you’ve ever spent on your own transformation.  Download the free BeliefCloset Jump-Start Kit by clicking HERE.