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BeliefCloset Practitioner Training

For Therapists, Coaches, Healers, and Change Agents
50+ hours of Training and Practice: $1295

[CCEUs for Resource Development are available through the International Coach Federation]


This comprehensive training is designed for therapists, coaches, healers and change agents, although enrollment is open to anyone who wants to master beliefs in their lives.

You will learn how to conduct BeliefCloset Sessions and integrate the process into your practice. If you facilitate transformation in others, this training offers you a comprehensive understanding of beliefs, how they affect our lives, and how to permanently eliminate negative and limiting beliefs from the psyche.

In addition, you will  experience profound transformation in your own life, because students practice on each other, using their real-life issues and problems.

The Course includes more than 50 hours of training and support – some via live phone (or Skype) sessions, and some listening to recorded teleclasses with Lion Goodman. In addition, you will receive the comprehensive 200-page Instruction Manual, and ten or more personalized BeliefCloset sessions with another student.

Upon graduating from the course, you will be qualified as a BeliefCloset Practitioner, with the skill and ability to conduct BeliefCloset Sessions with friends, family, and clients.

The course involves a deep and serious study of a new skill – communicating directly with your client’s subconscious mind, and facilitating profound healing from the inside out.  You will have awesome, fascinating experiences deep inside the human psyche, and a good amount of fun. You’ll broaden your awareness and understanding of yourself, your beliefs, the subconscious mind, and will be able to utilize this methodology to invoke deep and profound change in yourself and in others.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to utilize the BeliefCloset Process to clear your own negative beliefs, improve your practice and business, and transform your clients’ beliefs easily.

10 recorded teleclasses are 2.0 hours each – one per week for 10 weeks.  Because they are recorded, you can listen to them at your convenience.  In addition, you will practice both giving and receiving BeliefCloset Sessions with another student each week.   And you will attend one live support class with your BeliefCloset Training Manager each week with the students in the class (by phone) for additional training and support.

BeliefCloset Practitioner Trainings are scheduled whenever two or more students express interest, and are customized to students’ needs and schedules.

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*Note: Training fees are not refundable, but may be used in full for trainings at a later date.