Does Transformation Have To Be Difficult?

During a recent presentation to the L.A. Chapter of the International Coach Federation, a coach questioned whether transformation could be as quick and efficient as I claimed.  “I’ve tried other techniques,” she said, “but the only thing that’s worked is long-term therapy.”   Although I’m a fan of psychotherapy (having studied it since college), I had to take exception to her assumption.

“Because our beliefs create our reality, if you believe that transformation takes a lot of time, you will have the experience of transformation taking a lot of time.  If, on the other hand, you eliminated that belief, and replaced it with the belief, “Transformation takes no time,” you would experience something quite different.”

With many of my clients, the first belief we need to eliminate is “This won’t work for me.”  Once that one is out of the way, it becomes easy — almost effortless — to dis-create the remaining beliefs (and get instantaneous results).

Our beliefs are always verified by our experience.  We seek and find evidence to support every belief we have.  If we have conflicting beliefs (I’m a good person.  I’m a bad person.), we find convincing evidence for both.

The Scientific Method of Inquiry is an attempt to get around this self-verification principal and find out what is “really” going on.  It works to some extent because double-blind studies take most of the bias out of the research findings. But there is clear evidence that scientists usually verify their assumptions.   The so-called “placebo effect” works — and works well — because patients believe that the “medicine” they are receiving will help or heal them.  Instead of discounting the process as “just” the placebo effect, we should be investigating the powerful role of beliefs in healing.

Doubts are simply a special category of beliefs, a sort of bet on a negative future.  “I doubt whether I will win” is a preparation for the expectation (belief) that you will lose, and an attempt to avoid disappointment.  Get underneath the doubt, and you’ll find a negative belief there every time.

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