Coaching Testimonials

Testimonials from Clients

I have received many benefits from our coaching, including getting more grounded and addressing unproductive ideas and uncertainties at work. I would highly recommend the process to anyone – the sessions were always valuable, and your guidance was a great help in my work and career.
– T. K., manager at Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA

You have given me the room to safely work through and acknowledge things within me that I have deeply hidden in the past, for fear of others finding out. Your coaching has given me the opportunity to see myself differently than I have before. The work that we’ve done gave me back my life, my health, and new sense of well being.
– T. L., healer, Portland, CT

When I came to you two years ago, you helped me figure things out, both in my work and (more importantly) inside myself. It’s been quite a ride, with lots of growth, and I’m aware and appreciative of your loving presence.  I  know I’m just getting started —  I only need to keep uncovering my beliefs and continue to find the courage to be with my fears in order to keep growing.
– J. G., photographer, San Francisco, CA

You helped me resolve in a short time issues in my life that I’ve struggled with for years. In addition, you have taught me some valuable tools to use in dealing with difficult circumstances that arise in my life.
– G. J., software developer, San Anselmo, CA

You are a master in the art of knowing what questions to ask. Best of all, you have guided me through the intricacies of connecting my lifetime goals with spirit, strength & FUN.  I feel so clear and inspired after our conversations, and very appreciative.
–  N. Y., executive recruiter, Palo Alto, CA

You helped me define my dreams and my purpose. You inspired me and provided support and encouragement to keep my focus on what really matters. Our work on beliefs has led to the creation of many new possibilities, and your coaching has had a big impact. Thanks for making such a difference in my life!
–  M. L., director of regulatory affairs, Miami, FL

Lion is the best listener I know. He stays very focused, and gets quickly to the essence of the issue – the beliefs that are in the way.  I’ve got my hopefulness back!  Lion held me accountable in a no-nonsense way. The business savvy he brings to the table – financial, marketing, and people issues – is worth his weight in gold.  It is also fun to work with Lion – we laugh a lot!
– K. H. horticultural consultant, San Francisco, CA

After the events of 9/11, my life slowed to a standstill. I was hurting deep inside, but couldn’t put my finger on it.  I had been successful in my past, but my business career was struggling, my relationships were failing, and my dreams had vaporized. Lion helped me move through the barriers and struggles and create new, empowering beliefs. I would not be as healthy, happy, and successful in my life and career without Lion’s guidance. It’s like being playfully awakened to enjoy a beautiful day.
– P. R., recruiter and internet entrepreneur, Dallas, TX

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