A Message for Coaches, Therapists, and Healers

You know how big an impact negative and limiting beliefs have on your clients’ lives. You know their effect on your life, as well.

Now, there’s a way to permanently erase those old beliefs from your life. The BeliefCloset technique is easy to learn, and can be mastered with practice. You can use it immediately to help yourself (and your clients) move through internal barriers and resistance almost instantly. You will become more effective and successful, and your practice will thrive.

Use the BeliefCloset Process to melt away what limits you. Open the channel that will allow you to shine and give your greatest gift to the world.

  • Remove inner resistance to your promotion and marketing activities
  • Open new possibilities for extreme success in your professional life
  • Clear blocks in your personal life in the areas of money and relationships
  • Enhance your ability to help your clients succeed
  • Improve client referrals and boost revenues

If you’d like to work with a master coach and mentor who can take you through your most difficult inner terrain, and get results immediately, contact me for an initial consultation: (415) 472-6500.

If you want to:

  • Learn how beliefs affect our lives, and how to remove them
  • Enhance your effectiveness with your clients
  • Work more effectively and get more referrals
  • Be more effective delivering your gifts to the world
  • Fulfill your work and personal dreams
  • Create the relationships you really want, and let go of those you don’t
  • Discover and manifest your life purpose
  • Develop financial success and independence
  • Open new opportunities and possibilities for your future
  • Remove obstacles, barriers and resistance permanently
  • Experience success and grow your business and career

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How The BeliefCloset Process will Improve Your Practice

As a coach, therapist, healer, or service professional, you already use many powerful tools and structures to help your clients succeed. You help them make distinctions, open new possibilities, gain clarity about their dreams and goals, plan their actions, make promises, and keep their agreements.

However (as you have often seen), outer-focused structures often don’t work in the long run. The reason? Your client has deeply-set beliefs that get in their way. Old, limiting beliefs create interference in the structures that should work — and do worksome of the time. No matter how good your structures, advice, or plans are, old beliefs eventually slow down or stop your clients’ forward progress.

Negative and Limiting Beliefs show up as:

  • Ambivalence, confusion, and uncertainty.
  • Feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, and self-criticism.
  • Internal conflicts in values, virtues, and priorities.
  • Habits that are difficult or impossible to break.
  • Critical or annihilating internal voices.
  • Sudden stops, distractions, and loss of one’s way.
  • Pain or bodily sensations that persist and won’t go away.
  • Unhappiness, loss of productivity, and lack of inspiration.
  • Being stuck in a job, relationship, or pattern of behavior.

We’ve all heard that “beliefs create our reality,” but few people know how to actually root out old, limiting beliefs and replace them with new, constructive beliefs.

The BeliefCloset Process is an efficient and effective way to eliminate – permanently – old beliefs that cause this interference. Use the BeliefCloset Process to clear your own path to success, and then help others clear theirs. Belief-change is at the core of forward progress – regardless of the presenting issue. Any effective therapy alters inner beliefs. When you go directly for underlying beliefs, you can clear issues almost instantaneously. New possibilities open. Forward progress becomes effortless. Your reputation will soar.

In addition to training professionals to use the BeliefCloset Process in their practice, Lion Goodman provides coaching and consultation to coaches, therapists, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs.

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