A Powerful New Tool for Therapists,
Coaches, Healers, and Change Agents

Learn to Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs

You know that you are designed and destined to have a profound impact on people.

  • What’s holding you back from making a bigger difference in your clients’ lives?
  • Do you know how to create the deep, lasting changes your clients want?
  • Are your own limiting beliefs preventing you from fulfilling your potential?

Imagine having these skills:

  • You can easily see and understand exactly what’s holding your client back.
  • You can peer directly into their subconscious mind and comprehend its machinery.
  • You can guide your client through deep shifts in their limiting beliefs and free them from their limitations.
  • You can empower your clients to remove their blocks, barriers, and resistance – so they can actually manifest their dreams and fulfill their purpose.

With these skills, your reputation will soar. You will have people lining up to work with you.

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To Coaches: This Isn’t Your Mother’s Therapy

Coaches are taught this by every school: “Leave the past, and therapy, to the therapists. Focus on their present behavior, and their future goals.” That’s good advice for new coaches, who shouldn’t be messing around inside people’s psyches. They don’t have the skills or the training to conduct therapeutic interventions.

Coaching that’s focused on goals and behavior can help some people move forward with their lives and accomplish great things.


There’s something that holds most of your clients back from actually doing what you both know they should do. They get started, then stop. They make promises, then break them. They run smack into their internal blocks and barriers – into their psychology, their early childhood programming, and the limiting beliefs they accumulated during their lives.

So what’s a coach to do? We can’t become therapists overnight. That takes years of academic study and internship.

There is one powerful solution that enables you to create immediate and profound change in your clients: Learn to eliminate and transform your clients’ limiting and negative beliefs. I can teach you how – in only ten weeks of intense study and practice.

To Therapists: This Is The Skill You Were Never Taught

You studied hard and learned how the psyche works. You were shown a myriad of intervention techniques that can heal what’s been broken, and break patterns that keep people stuck repeating bad choices. It’s fulfilling work…

But eventually, you ask yourself, “Isn’t there something faster, more efficient, that can create these same changes, but doesn’t take months, or years, of incremental movement forward?

Yes, there is. And it requires a shift in what you believe is possible. Your work is aimed at changing your clients’ perspective – the way they see themselves, others, and the world. This is the realm of beliefs. When your client makes a shift, what has shifted is their point of view about their past, their present, or what’s possible in their future.

Why not help them change their beliefs directly – without all the storytelling and drama?

It is possible. And I can teach you how in only ten weeks of intense study and practice.

When you can create profound shifts in each client session, your clients walk out the door feeling not just “better,” but literally transformed. Your reputation will soar. You’ll get more referrals. You’ll get more pleasure from your work, because you’ll be seeing results in nearly every session.

My name is Lion Goodman. I am the founder of Clear Your Beliefs, the iClearIt iPhone App, and the creator of The Clear Beliefs Process, the most powerful belief-change technology ever taught to coaches and therapists.

I have trained hundreds of coaches and therapists to use this methodology, and shown them how to add it to their previous training so they can move from competence to excellence, and from mere helping and coaching to true transformation of lives.

If You’re Looking for Transformation, You’ve Found It.

You’re probably aware that your limiting beliefs prevent you from creating and attracting what you want. You can see your limitations showing up in your personal life, and you see them showing up in your work life.

You may have already tried to change your beliefs, but you’re still caught in their grip. The extraordinary success you want (and deserve) eludes you.

If your beliefs really create your reality, changing your beliefs ought to change your reality.

And this is exactly what happens when you truly – and profoundly – change your beliefs. You can see, feel, and experience the change immediately. When you change, the world changes.

Can beliefs be permanently changed?

If you’ve tried using affirmations, NLP, EFT, or other methods to transform your own (and your clients’) limiting beliefs – you may have had some success. Some methods attempt to overpower the beliefs you already have by repeating new beliefs, which is helpful – for awhile. But the old beliefs creep back in, like poltergeists that return to haunt you over and over again.

Other methodologies disrupt beliefs at the conscious level. You recognize they’re no longer true, which helps for a while. But this doesn’t eliminate them permanently, either. It’s like chopping a weed off at the surface – the root just grows another stem.

Some belief-change methods require tapping on the body, or using muscle testing as a way of finding beliefs or clearing their energetic signature. These methods work some of the time for some people, but for others, they’re just too woo-woo.

The science and technology of belief change continues to evolve. And now…

There’s now a simple, easy-to-learn, effective way to permanently change negative and limiting beliefs. When you learn to use the Clear Beliefs Process in your practice, you can actually eliminate old beliefs, banishing them forever from your life – or from your client’s life. Resistance melts away. There is a palpable shift in what you’re feeling, your attitude, your motivation, and your ability to move forward. It’s an elegant process that really works. It’s a method you can use with your clients over the phone, and you can master it relatively quickly.

If you’re in the business of helping and serving others as a coach, therapist, healer or change agent, the Clear Beliefs Process will become your most powerful tool to help your clients transform their lives. They will see and feel immediate results from working with you, and as a result, your reputation will soar.

In the training, you’ll apply the Clear Beliefs Process to your own beliefs. You’ll learn how to clear obstacles out of your own way, and increase your ability to deliver value to the world. You’ll get more referrals, more clients, and more satisfaction. You’ll see core transformation inside yourself, and inside your clients’ lives.

With the Clear Beliefs Process, changing your beliefs is now as easy as changing your clothes.

When you transform your beliefs, you transform your life…

one step at a time… one belief at a time.

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“Your beliefs process gave me the room to safely acknowledge and work through my hidden, unconscious beliefs. I am now free of the past and can see myself more clearly than ever before.” — T. L., healer, Stamford, CT

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The Clear Beliefs Process is the master key for creating change in your life, and then in the lives of others. It will multiply the effectiveness of other methods and processes you currently use. If you’re a coach, therapist, or provide transformation to your clients, The Clear Beliefs Process will help you open the locked doors of the psyche and allow transformation to occur – simply, easily, instantly, and permanently. The process is a dynamic combination of a catalyst (speeding up the processes you already use) and a lubricant (eliminating internal resistance), making you more effective as a helping professional. When old beliefs are operating, the mind is clogged and crowded.

“I have been working with the Clear Your Beliefs Process for more than four years. It has been exceedingly helpful to me on my internal journey, and is now one of the tools I reach for most frequently in my psychotherapy practice. The process leads to discovery, insight, and change. The explorations are both gentle and profound. Its beauty manifests in the real world for my clients. I am grateful for this process, and I continue to work with it, both in my practice and in my own personal growth.” – Martha Bear, Psychotherapist, Certified Clear Beliefs Practitioner